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“BlephEx® … The First and Only Doctor Treatment for Dry Eye and Blepharitis”

  • Over 50% of all patients suffer from some type of dry eye and blepharitis symptoms.
  • BlephEx® is a new, in-office procedure that allows your doctor to take an active role in treating dry eye and blepharitis.
  • BlephEx® removes excess bacteria, biofilm and bacterial toxins, the main causes of inflammatory dry eye and lid disease.
  • With regular treatments, patients finally enjoy a life free from the chronic and irritating symptoms associated with dry eye and blepharitis.
  • The BlephEx® treatment is well tolerated and only takes a few minutes to perform.
  • BlephEx® can save the patient hundreds of dollars in the costs of prescription drops and artificial tears.

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Contact Eyes For Life – Spokane, WA for this latest breakthrough in eyecare technology and dry eye treatment.