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Dr. Maier and Mia

Mia, our office comfort companion, offers dog therapy to patients who wish to have a companion during their eye exam.

At Eyes For Life, we want every patient to feel comfortable and well-cared for, and having Mia is one way we offer our patients options for the care they wish to receive. Our comfort therapy dog is a small well-mannered breed and can stay chair-side, or curl up on one’s lap.

Mia is especially comforting to children, first-time patients, the elderly and Alzheimer’s patients. Sometimes parents of young patients need the comfort while going through a new experience with their child, and Mia is a great help at easing parental anxiety, too! Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety, Mia is a joy to be around!

If you are scheduling an appointment and would like to have Mia for yourself or your loved one, please inform the Eyes For Life staff member when scheduling the appointment. We will do our best to accommodate last minute requests for her, as well.

*Our doctors are aware of keeping sterile environments where appropriate so as to ensure a healthy and safe exam. We also understand that not everyone wants to have an animal companion and some patients may be allergic. Please inform our staff if you have any concerns so we can make the necessary arrangements.


In Memory of Eyes For Life’s First Comfort Companion – Dakota

“Our office lost our therapy dog, Dakota, on January 7th, 2016. We miss him very much and wanted to let all of our patients and friends know. Although he only lived a short while, he will live on in our hearts forever.”

– Dr. Heavin Maier