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Eye Diseases

  • How Fish Oil Can Help Protect Your Eyes

    Benefits of Omega 3’s Found in Fish Oil  Suggested Benefits for Adults Include*: Protection from macular degeneration Protection from dry eye syndrome Help with proper intraocular fluid draining Decreasing risk […]

    Continue Reading May 8, 2017

  • Top 5 Q&A: Scleral Contact Lenses

    1. What are Scleral Lenses? Scleral lenses are a large diameter, custom, hard contact lens that vaults (arches) over the cornea, the clear part of the front of the eye, and […]

    Continue Reading February 1, 2017

  • Top 5 Q & A: Glaucoma

    Q. What is glaucoma? A. Glaucoma is defined as progressive damage to the optic nerve head, the connection between your eyes and brain. In early glaucoma there are no obvious […]

    Continue Reading July 13, 2016

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